In 2015, we worked in partnership with Action on Sectarianism to develop a number of videos which explored three different areas of sectarianism on Social Media.


Community Links and Action on Sectarianism would like to thank Chief Inspector Stuart McGregor, Cameron, Chloe, Margaret, Olivia, Rachel, and Steven for appearing in the videos below.



We talked to young people about using Social Media and asked them about how they use it, if they have witnessed offensive / sectarian behaviour online, and what they think are the repercussions for posting such messages.



Some young people tell us about their use of Social Media, how and why they use it, who can see what you post, and whether or not you're actually anonymous online.

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In this video, Chief Inspector Stuart McGregor talks about Social Media and policing offensive / sectarian behaviour online - what are the repercussions for posting such messages, and how do the police tackle such behaviour?




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