Challenging Sectarianism


In 2013, 44 projects received funding which totalled more than £3 million from the Scottish Government's Community Safety Unit with the aim of challenging sectarianism in Scotland.


The funding was allocated following an assessment and evaluation process by The Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland. The group were established in August 2012 and are tasked with building evidence on the impact of sectarianism in Scotland, and to provide this evidence to Ministers.


Community Links secured funding between 2013 - 2016 to support their Sectarianism and Social Media project.


Social Media Networking sites are important aspects of contemporary social life. They offer great potential for a range of social interaction both on and offline - from social gatherings to political mobilisations. However, as Community Links discovered through previous work in this area, social media also represents forums for the creation and distribution of offensive and sectarian material.


By using Social Marketing, the project aimed to educate social media users across Scotland who are at risk of engaging negatively with this material, in order to limit social harms and mitigate against potential prosecution.


'Social Marketing: a new approach to tackling online sectarianism' developed work carried out by Community Links during the Supporting Communities to Tackle Sectarianism (SCoTTS) initiative.


This programme is part of the Scottish Government's anti-sectarianism agenda, and ran until March 2016. Funded through the Community Safety Unit, this work formed part of a long-term Scotland-wide strategy to tackle sectarianism and prejudice in local communities through education, dialogue and mutual understanding. Community Links also delivered connected action-based research in the South Lanarkshire town of Larkhall.


The aims and objectives of the project were to:


  • Increase opportunities for people to express their feelings, opinions and experiences about sectarianism
  • Increase awareness and understanding of sectarianism and its effects
  • Increase our knowledge of how sectarianism is understood in individual communities across Scotland.


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